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Basic Residential Inspection

A complete home inspection is a necessary step in the buy/sell process. It can also be useful as a routine "check-up" to ensure your home is safe and sound. We'll also conduct a thorough infrared inspection to ensure you have no leaks and that your doors and windows are properly sealed. Under our certifications, we follow the InterNACHI® inspection standards.

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Infrared Inspection

Infrared inspections give us a "behind the wall" inspection of your home. We can take a deeper look at things like leaky plumbing, find cracked window and door seals, and check for overall energy efficiency. Catch a leak in your house before it becomes a $20,000 repair. Infrared inspection is included in the Basic Residential Inspection, but you can book a separate infrared-only appointment if you have specific concerns.

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Detached Building Inspections

Detached garages and other structures are considered add-ons and not included in our Basic Residential Inspection. It's important to make sure that your garage is free of fire hazards, as many fires occur in garage spaces. We'll take a look at your electrical wiring and ensure that the space is structurally sound so that you can confidently utilize that detached building risk and worry-free.

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Lead Based Paint Testing

If you have a house built in 1980 or before, you should consider testing your paints for traces of lead. We can test for this toxic chemical to prevent dangerous health efffects.

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Termite Inspection

Termites can do serious damage to the internal structure of your home. We can locate and identify the pests before they become a costly nuisance.

Microbial Inspection - COMING SOON

An excess of moisture in indoor environments can cause microbial growth including various types of mold. Hire us for on-site testing. We can test the growth then and there to determine what the specimen is and how to eradicate it.

Radon Inspections - COMING SOON

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive property that can cause serious lung and respiratory issues. We can track unhealthy levels of radon in your home to prevent lasting medical damage.

Home Energy Reports - COMING SOON

Want to know how energy efficient your home is and where you're hemorrhaging money each month? We can create a comprehensive home energy report.

Hire a Trusted, Certified Professional

Did you know that the State of Utah doesn’t require that home inspectors obtain a license or certification to run their business? 

Don’t hire just anyone to ensure the safety of your home! Make sure you vet your home inspector. Ask about their skills, experience, and training. Find someone you trust. 

Want to learn more about our qualifications at Kapstone Home Inspections? We’re glad you asked.

We’re InterNACHI® Certified! InterNACHI® stands for International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and is the world’s leading association for home inspectors. 

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